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Terms of Use

Your rights and obligations as a Buyer or Seller on Count-Down Marketplace (CDM):
  1. CDM Operating Rules, Commissions & Support.

    Our agreement with you about your use of our platform & some helpful hints.

  2. CDM Payments Policy ($ecure-$ale) & the CDM Trust Account.

    Our agreement with you about your use of our payment system.

  3. CDM Privacy Policy.

    Our agreement with you about our protection & use of your private data.

  4. Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy.

    Behavior we prohibit on CDM.

  5. CDM Social Policy.

    Interactions and other community features.

  6. CDM Sanctions Policy.

    Your responsibilities regarding sanctions and trade restrictions.

  1. CDM Operating Rules, Commissions & Support.

    Welcome to CDM.

    What Makes Count-Down Marketplace different from other eCommerce platforms?

    Firstly, all active members, whether buyers or sellers, have had their credentials reviewed by Count-Down in our effort to try to ensure that everyone is trustworthy.

    Secondly, all transactions are monitored and supervised by the Count-Down $ecure-$ale system where a Seller’s item is not shipped until the Buyer’s money is first received by Count-Down, then, the funds are held and not released to the Seller until the Buyer verifies receipt of the item in ‘as described’ condition.

    The third difference is the innovative way the Count-Down clock sets the selling price. When listing an item for sale, a Seller chooses a price that they will sell the item for during the period the item will be in the CDM Showcase, when a Buyer can click the MAKE IT MINE button at any time. This period of time that the item is in the Showcase is entirely at the discretion of the Seller and can be from 1 to 45 days. After this period expires, the item automatically goes on the CDM clock and its prices starts to tick down. This is indicated by the price being displayed in RED and the amount reducing every few seconds. This clock start time is chosen by the Seller when listing the item and can be at any time, in any time zone and the clock can be set to run from 1 to 8 hours.
    HINT: Do not choose a long run time for a low priced item as the price reduction will be so slow, Buyers will lose interest.
    At the time of listing, a RESERVE price can be set and the clock will not tick down lower than the reserve price. If no reserve price is set, the clock will tick down to $2 if a Buyer doesn’t click the MAKE IT MINE button first. No-Reserve items are displayed prominently on the site and have a special logo in the tile, so that bargain hunters will be able to find them easily. If there is no Buyer for the item either during the Showcase period at the fixed price or the Clock running period at a reduced price, then, if the Seller had selected AUTO-RELIST the item will be reset in the Showcase for the number of days selected; if AUTO-RELIST was not selected by the Seller at the time of listing (or edited at a subsequent date), the item will be deleted from the site.

    Lastly and perhaps the most important difference, the Commission Fees are very low:
    Seller's Fee = 3% of the selling price;
    Buyer's Fee = 2% of the selling price;
    Reserve Not Sold Fee = 0.5%.
    The details of the commission rules are as follows:
    When an item sells, CDM withdraws money from the Buyers Credit Card account amounting to 102% of the sale price, (see explanation of maximum fees). These funds are held by the CDM $ecure-$ale system until delivery and condition are acknowledged by the Buyer as good. After the Buyer confirms delivery and condition, CDM credits the Seller’s CDM internal account with 97% of the sale price, unless there was a Reserve price set, then the credit is increased by the amount deducted at the time of listing, as CDM has already charged 0.5% of the Reserve price at that time, see below.
    Note that there are limits to the fees charged of a maximum $250 in all 3 normal cases (Selling, Buying and Reserve). When an item is listed with a reserve price, the Seller is charged 0.5% of the reserve price (to a maximum of $250) at the time when the listing is set. If the item sells, CDM credits the fee back to the Seller.
    Cancellation Fee: The Seller may cancel a listing without penalty within 60 minutes from making the listing. After 60 minutes, if the listing is cancelled, a fee of 5% of the listing price (to a maximum of $500) is charged. If funds are not available for this fee, the Seller’s membership is suspended until the fee is paid. Seller’s transactions through Credit Cards or VISA debit cards will be charged a merchant fee of 3.5% of each transaction amount. Seller transactions where a Buyer uses their CDM credits for their purchase will not be charged this fee.

    Becoming a Member of CDM

    Becoming a basic Member is free, however, there are several grades of membership:

    1. Bronze membership, (free). Non-active membership just for browsing the site.
    2. Silver membership, (free). Active, requires some financial and personal information.
    3. Gold membership, ($10). Extended verification of financial and other information.

    By simply confirming your email address you will be able to browse the site as a Bronze member.

    If you want to become a Silver Count-Down active member, for both selling and buying, Count-Down will verify your identity and establish at least two forms of sending and receiving money. If you wish to become a Gold member, additional identity details are required, such as verified photograph, SIN/SSN verification, driver’s license, social media details and a credit report which is funded by the applicant ($10.00). Just knowing that a Seller is a Gold member gives Buyers the awareness that they are dealing with verified vendors.

    The Business membership application process is similar to the above for all grades. Business identification numbers will be required for Silver and Gold memberships.

    To get started, follow these steps: Review CDM’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

    In the top right hand corner of the CDM Home page, click the Register button.

    Fill out the forms
    Add your email address and click to confirm.

    You should see a confirmation email from within a short time of applying.

    Click the button inside the email to confirm your account.

    If you don’t see the confirmation email:

    Check to make sure that it hasn’t gone to your spam or junk mail folder Gmail users: check your Promos and Social tabs. Add to your email contacts and resend.

    Sign in to CDM as follows: Go to and click SIGN IN at the top of the page. Once signed in, click “Welcome (your name)” to access your profile, then fill in your information and upload a profile picture. If you experience any problems, please let us know and we’ll help.

    Buying your first item

    Some HINTS for making a purchase:

    If you know exactly what you want to buy you can use the search box in the top centre of the Home page. Type in a few words and the search engine will match them to items listed for sale.

    When you see an item that interests you, you can click on the picture for an instant full screen zoom photo. Click on the X in the upper right corner to return to the item tile.
    The tile is filled with information about the product:
    The Clock symbol in the upper right corner tells you when the item will go on the Count-Down clock. If you can wait for this to happen, then the price of the item will start to tick down until someone buys it. HINT – If the price of the item is shown in the color RED, then the item is actively ticking down; sometimes if a Seller has chosen a long clock time, there are several seconds between each price drop.
    If the item has no reserve price set, the item will tick down to $2 if no one clicks MAKE IT MINE. The symbol in the tile with the blue R with the red slash through it, indicates that the item has no reserve price. If you want to peruse more of these super bargains, (those items that are to be sold without a reserve price), look for the tab marked No-Reserve which is present on most of the web site pages.
    Below the item picture in the tile is a brief description. If you click this you will go to the item page which contains all of the details that you will need.
    Further down the tile is the ADD TO WATCHLIST button. Here you can make lists of items that you are interested in.
    Below this is the price of the item and finally, at the bottom of the tile is the MAKE IT MINE BUTTON, which you will use to make your purchase. Once you press this you will be asked to type in your TRADING PASSWORD. This is a secondary password that adds to the security of your purchases.
    Once the correct password is accepted (your sign-on password will not work here), you will see the check-out window where you will choose your method of payment and shipping.

    Listing your items for sale

    Some HINTS for making a listing

    Before you start your listing, make sure that you have the following ready at hand:

    A proper description worked out, including that of any faults or blemishes if the item is not new.

    Good quality photos of at least 20Kb size. You can upload as many photographs as you wish. IF THE ITEM IS NOT NEW, YOU MUST INCLUDE PHOTOS OF ANY FAULTS OR BLEMISHES, by listing an item for sale on CDM you are certifying that the item that you have listed for sale is exactly AS DESCRIBED in the listing and that any blemishes, flaws, chips, scratches, corrosion or any other kind of damage has been correctly described and shown in the accompanying photographs. You further agree that if the item is rejected by the Buyer as being “not as described” and subsequently verified as such by CDM, you will be responsible for the shipping costs (both directions) and you also further agree to pay to Count-Down a 5% penalty (not to exceed $500). In the event of a Seller having an item returned, their Seller rating will be considered for down grading.

    The weight and dimensions for shipping (include for the wrapping). Note that the shipping is paid for by the Buyer.

    Decide if you will ship anywhere or just within you own Country/Region.

    Decide if you will allow local pickup. (Our process for local pick up is that we withdraw the money for the sale from the Buyer’s account and hold it in $ecure-$ale and we do not release the money to you (the Seller) until the Buyer triggers the release by email. This adds a unique layer of security, as no money will be exchanged on the “door-step”, there will be no secondary bargaining and both the Buyer and the Seller are known to CDM and considered trustworthy. Of course, this process is not foolproof and all members are encouraged to take reasonable precautions when using the local pickup option.

    If you have many items for sale that are similar, after you have done the first listing, visit its tile and click on the SELL SIMILAR button. This will take you to a new listing page and you will simply edit the differences.

    Shipping Policy

    CDM has several shipment alternatives available to those who are not participating in local pick-up.

    The following Shipping Policy explains our rules for Buyers and Sellers:

    It is the responsibility of the Seller to ship the sold item in accordance with the wishes of the Buyer. The Buyer shall choose the shipping method from the options listed in the CDM payment window. The Buyer pays the cost of shipping and insurance. The shipping label will be available to the Seller to print from the Seller’s CDM account/transactions page after the Buyer has completed the CDM payment process. The Seller is responsible for all packing materials, handling expense etc to ensure that the item arrives at the Buyer’s address expeditiously. This includes arranging for the packaged item, complete with shipping label, to be picked up or delivered to the shipper and for the packaging to be strong enough for the anticipated delivery process.

    CDM Sellers agree to:
    Ship items within four days of the sale or less, (remember that the Seller does not receive payment until the Buyer receives the item in as-described condition).

    Retain a receipt for the shipment.

    Be in compliance with all relevant shipping and customs regulations.

    When appropriate, mark the item as shipped.

    Provide a copy of the shipping receipt if an item is lost in transit.

    Only use the shipping label to ship the corresponding CDM item and not to transfer the label to a third party.

    High Value Merchandise (HVM)

    High Value Merchandise (any item valued at $5,000 or more) sells in a similar way to that which any other less expensive item sells on CDM except that there is a deposit.
    The commissions are the same, the Reserve rules and Cancellation fees are the same.
    The time in the Showcase before the Count-Down dollar clock runs, has the same choices and can be up to 45 days (to allow time for inspection of the item).

    The agreement made between the Seller and the Buyer for the purchase of HVM items is a binding contract. Additionally, if a Buyer reneges on his purchase, the Seller is entitled to keep the deposit. See below for additional rules regarding reneging parties.

    After a Buyer hits the MAKE IT MINE button, the following process is set in motion:

    The CDM and Payment Processing fees are withdrawn to the credit of CDM. Assuming that a Reserve price was set, the Seller will already have paid the Reserve fee which will be credited against the Selling Fee. Next, the Buyer’s deposit (as established by the Seller in the listing) plus any payment processing fees are withdrawn from the Buyer’s accounts, with the deposit portion being held in the CDM $ecure-$ale system, to be credited to the Seller upon delivery of the item. If either the Buyer or the Seller reneges on the agreement, the rules agreed to by both parties in these CDM Terms of Use, grant the Seller the right to retain the deposit if the Buyer reneges. If the Seller reneges, then the Buyer has the right to have his deposit returned. The Balance Due (i.e. the Selling Price minus the Deposit) shall be transferred independently by the Buyer to the Seller, the receipt and sufficiency of which the Seller will acknowledge by sending the confirming email to CDM, at which, CDM will release the Buyer’s Deposit funds directly to the Seller.

    Non-Binding Contract for the Purchase and Sale of Real-Estate

    Under these ‘Terms of Use’ that all active members of CDM have agreed to, the sale of real estate on CDM is considered an expression of intent for the Buyer to buy and the Seller to sell, the specified property. This intent is, and always shall remain, NOT enforceable in law. It is, de facto, an agreement of good faith and fair dealing. The CDM agreement to be exchanged between the Seller and the Buyer will conform to the following format and will be emailed by CDM to both parties:

    Seller: Insert details from listing

    Seller’s contact details: Insert tel/email details from listing

    Buyer: Insert details from listing

    Buyer’s contact details: Insert tel/email details from listing

    The Seller wishes to sell and the Buyer wishes to buy, the following property:

    Civic Address: Insert from listing

    Legal Description: Insert from listing

    General Description: Insert from listing

    Agreed date of completion: Insert from listing

    Agreed Selling price, inclusive of deposit: Insert from CDM data (include currency)

    Both parties, i.e. the Seller and the Buyer, are advised to take this agreement to their respective property conveyance service (lawyer, notary etc) for completion of the property ownership transfer.

    Special rules for Real Estate deposits and fees:
    The Seller shall receive a deposit of $500 from the Buyer to be held in $ecure-$ale If the Buyer or the Seller fail to complete the ownership transfer, the CDM fees shall not be refundable. If the Buyer fails to complete the transfer, the $500 deposit is NOT refundable and shall be credited to the Seller for compensation. If the Seller fails to complete the transfer, the $500 deposit shall be returned to the Buyer.

  2. CDM Payments Policy ($ecure-$ale & the CDM Trust Account.).


    This policy explains all of your rights and obligations when using CDM $ecure-$ale

    This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By using CDM $ecure-$ale, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

    The CDM $ecure-$ale system gives Buyers and Sellers the security of the CDM Trust system to protect them during the Buy/Sell transaction.

    All CDM transactions are managed through the CDM $ecure-$ale Trust system. The Buyer’s funds are held by CDM until the goods have been delivered. Only when goods are accepted as being ‘as described’ are the funds released to the Seller. This way, both the Buyer and the Seller are protected; the Buyer knows that the chance of being cheated is eliminated and the Seller knows that they have to be scrupulously accurate in describing the sale item and also that the funds have been properly secured and will be credited to their account in the fastest and most economical way, thereby securing a Good Deal For All.

    To Buy or Sell on CDM you must be a vetted and approved Member of CDM. There are three levels of member approval, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze is the basic membership level required to both Sell and Buy on CDM; this is achieved through the submission of a minimum of two finance methods of payment (i.e.: bank account, credit card etc.), the confirmation of email address, residential (shipping) address and telephone number(s). Additionally a photograph is required. For Silver status, social media aliases are scrutinized. It should be noted that bank account information is required for all sellers to enable payment directly from the CDM $ecure-$ale system

    For Gold membership, a credit score is verified (a $10 annual fee is charged for gold membership).

    As Members make more and more satisfactory transactions, they will earn ratings indicated by a Star system, (two successful transactions will earn 1 star, three more will earn a second star, five more will earn a third star, seven more will earn the fourth star and an additional ten more will earn our highest rating of five stars). Any behavior contrary to good fellowship and/or the policies of CDM, will result in the removal of stars. As a member’s CDM star rating improves, other members will have more trust in dealing with them.

    Member’s money is held in their CDM account. This can be drawn upon or added to, easily by the Member using a variety of ways. During the $ecure-$ale Trust period (i.e.: delivery and approval) of the Buy/Sell transaction, as noted above, the Buyer’s funds are maintained in the CDM $ecure-$ale corporate account until mutual consent has been received for its release, whereupon the funds (minus commission) will be transferred directly to the bank account of hhe seller.

    CDM members who are Buying, can pay with; debit card, CDM gift cards, Credits in their own CDM member account, most bank transfer services, credit card (all in their local currencies). Prior to Buying, the Member shall have registered any and all anticipated payment methods.


    • Accepting These Terms
    • Synopsis
    • Third-Party Services
    • CDM's Rights and Responsibilities
    • Buyer and Seller Rights and Responsibilities
    • Appointment of CDM as Limited Payment Agent for Sellers
    • Deposits
    • Recompense
    • Payment Processing Fees
    • Reporting Obligations
    • Termination
    • Accepting These Terms

      This document (the CDM Payments Policy or the 'Policy', for short) sets out your rights and responsibilities when you use CDM $ecure-$ale on CDM’s services (we’ll refer to CDM’s web sites and CDM's mobile apps and other services as our 'Services'), so please read it carefully. By using CDM $ecure-$ale, you’re agreeing to the Policy. The Policy is a legally binding contract between you and Count-Down Marketplace Inc. The CDM Payments Policy is also a part of our Terms of Use. By using any of our Services, you’re agreeing to the Terms of Use.

    • Synopsis

      CDM $ecure-$ale allows Sellers;

      To be unconcerned as to a Buyer’s method of payment, as all Member’s remittance methods have been approved prior to their membership being granted.
      To have a Buyer’s funds credited in the Seller’s name in the CDM $ecure-$ale Trust account;
      To automatically have those funds deposited into the Seller’s CDM member’s account upon completion of the Trust period, where after, those funds may be used for future purchases on CDM, or transferred to the Seller’s private account of their choice.
      Sellers who wish to allow Buyers to use credit cards will be charged a merchant fee of 3.5% by CDM for each transaction on a credit card. Sellers may elect to not allow credit card purchases at their discretion.

      CDM $ecure-$ale is only available to CDM members who are of legal age in their country of residence.

      Sellers may only use CDM $ecure-$ale for the sale of items listed by them in the CDM Showcase and sold by CDM Services. The Seller further agrees to ship or release sold items once a payment transaction is shown to be in the CDM Trust. CDM reserves the right to terminate a Seller’s CDM Membership if the Seller uses CDM $ecure-$ale in any other manner.

      Buyers automatically authorize a payment for a purchase when the “Make It Mine” process is initiated and the Trading Password used. The Payment shall be deducted (along with any fees or commissions) from the Buyer’s Membership Account and placed in the CDM $ecure-$ale Trust account to await instructions for release.

    • Third-Party Services

      CDM has engaged third-party service providers to perform many of the services related to payment processing, including card processing, currency exchange, identity verification, fraud analysis and regulatory compliance.

      CDM also partners with licensed payment processors to facilitate card payments and other payments and the disbursement of funds to Sellers. The provider and processing time for your payment will vary based on the country in which you are located. If there are insufficient funds in your bank account when our provider processes the payment for your purchase, reserves the right to contact you directly and to seek payment, this will, of necessity delay transactions and be reflected in your Membership Score. Buyers are encouraged to pre-load their CDM Members Account prior to anticipated buying, this will ensure faster transactions and be reflected in your Membership Score.

      CDM may share your personal or transactional information with those third-party service providers when it is necessary to process payments.

      If CDM receives notice that your Showcase listings’ content or activity violates a third party's service agreement, we may at our sole discretion take action against your account to comply with their policies. Such actions may include cancelling a transaction, disabling listings from your Showcase, suspending your selling privileges or other appropriate action.

    • CDM’s Rights and Responsibilities

      CDM $ecure-$ale functionality may be made available, modified, or discontinued by us at any time without notice and is subject to the limitations in CDM’s Terms of Use.

      As a security measure, we may impose transaction limits on Buyers and Sellers. For example, we may impose limits relating to the value of any transaction, deposit, or adjustment, or limits relating to the cumulative value of all transactions, deposits, or adjustments during a period of time. We may also impose limits related to the number of transactions per day or other period of time.

      We will not be liable to a Seller:
      If we do not proceed with a transaction, deposit, or adjustment that would exceed any limit established by us, or, if we permit a Buyer to withdraw from a transaction.
      CDM may refuse service of CDM $ecure-$ale to anyone, for any reason, at any time.
      CDM reserves the right to decline transactions that we believe to be high risk, fraudulent, or in violation of CDM’s Terms of Use.
      In the event that a Buyer does not provide payment for the purchase of a legitimate item sold using CDM $ecure-$ale, CDM will downgrade the Score of that Buyer Member.
      CDM maintains records associated with transactions in the CDM $ecure-$ale system and cannot pass any secure data, including credit card numbers or bank account information to any Sellers as CDM does not store that data. Sellers will only receive shipping information and limited Buyer account information necessary to complete the order. CDM’s Privacy Policy further explains how CDM handles user information.
      CDM will send you any relevant notices regarding your use of CDM $ecure-$ale in accordance with our Electronic Communications Policy.

    • Buyer and Seller Rights and Responsibilities

      Use of the CDM $ecure-$ale Payment System

      The use of the CDM $ecure-$ale Payment & Trust system is mandatory for Selling (and Buying) on CDM. For you to receive payment for transactions made on CDM, you must provide valid account information for a bank account in the United States, Australia, Canada, the European Union, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland or the United Kingdom. Without this information, will not be able to process payments for you. You can find instructions about how to upload your bank account information in the Membership Application section. If you need to modify and of your financial information, you can do so in the EDIT mode in your profile page. If you live in one of the countries listed above and you do not provide current functional banking information, we may refuse you access to our Services until you do so.

      CDM $ecure-$ale is only available to Sellers (and Buyers) who register and are approved as Members. An approved Member may track payment amounts, refunds, and fees related to transactions in their CDM account in the Transactions section of the MY ACCOUNT page. Sellers must provide accurate personal information as requested during registration and are responsible for maintaining and updating that information as necessary. Sellers must not impersonate any person or use a name they are not legally authorized to use. Sellers authorize CDM and our authorized agents, to verify their information (including any updated information) by accessing public records and obtaining credit reports about the Seller in order to approve a $ecure-$ale account. Sellers also authorize CDM to verify the Sellers’ information from time to time while the Sellers are using CDM’s services. CDM verifies Sellers’ information in order to safeguard the integrity of our Marketplace and reduce the risk of fraud, terrorist financing, money laundering, and the violation of trade sanctions.
      $ecure-$ale accounts are only available to Approved Members who are eligible to be Sellers (or Buyers), on CDM and who have valid banking information on file with CDM.

      Disputes: Sellers agree to resolve any disputes directly with a Buyer or with the assistance of the dispute management and refund processes available on CDM and in accordance with our Seller Policy and Terms of Use. In the event that a dispute is escalated to CDM’s Support Team, CDM reserves the right to issue a refund to a Buyer if a transaction is found to be in violation of CDM’s Seller Policy and Terms of Use.

      In the event that a Buyer submits a request for a refund, CDM will be the sole arbiter of the dispute and the Seller agrees to provide any requested information to us within seven calendar days of the request. CDM reserves the right to charge a dispute fee of a minimum of 10% of the sale value to the Seller or Buyer, when, at the determination of CDM, a decision regarding responsibility is made.

      Communications: We will inform Sellers of each transaction and also other information pertaining to CDM $ecure-$ale processes using our standard communication procedures (detailed in our Electronic Communications Policy), including by email or other agreed messaging tool.

      Refunds: Refunds or adjustments allowed by CDM to Buyers for payments made via CDM $ecure-$ale may be accomplished using the refund process in the Seller's account. Any such funds paid to cover refunds will be deducted from the Seller’s account balance. If there are insufficient funds to cover the amount of the refund, the balance will be recovered via the Seller’s registered banking information. In the event that there are insufficient finds, the Seller’s Membership account will be suspended and their Score adjusted accordingly.

      International Trade Laws: You agree that your use of CDM $ecure-$ale will not involve any countries, entities, individuals or items prohibited by sanctions, embargoes, regulations or orders administered by the US Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control ('OFAC') or other similar government agency.

    • Appointment of CDM as Limited Collection Agent for Sellers

      Each Seller appoints CDM as its agent for the limited purpose of receiving, holding and settling payments for the Seller. CDM will settle payments that are actually received by CDM for each Seller, less any amounts owed to CDM and subject to these Terms of Use. Each Seller agrees that a correct Buyer payment received by CDM, on behalf of the Seller, satisfies the Buyer's obligations to make payment to the Seller, regardless of whether CDM actually settles such payment to Seller. If CDM does not settle any such payments as described in these Terms of Use to a Seller, such Seller will have recourse only against CDM and not the Buyer.

    • Deposits in Member’s CDM Account

      Fund balances (after adjustments for fees) resulting from a completed transaction will be reflected in the Member’s CDM accounts. Transactions are considered complete once the $ecure-$ale Trust process conditions have been met, a Fraud Analysis is complete and the money has been transferred from the $ecure-$ale Trust account into the CDM account of the Seller. Funds in a Member’s account are eligible for transfer to the pre-registered financial institution account of their choice.

      Country and Currency Options: Available CDM Balances can only be deposited into bank accounts in the United States, Australia, UK, Canada, the European Union, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, and Switzerland in the following currencies: USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, NZD, NOK, SEK and SGD.

      Scheduled Deposits.
      CDM will initiate a transfer of a Member’s available balance into their financial institution account on a daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, in accordance with the Member’s account settings. When a Member selects daily disbursements, disbursements will be made on each day that the Member’s account has a balance equal to or greater than the equivalent of CAN$25.00. When a Member selects weekly, biweekly, or monthly disbursements, these transactions will be made on every applicable Monday. In this policy we'll refer to the date of disbursement as the 'Transfer Date'. Transfers into a Member’s financial institution account will generally be credited within three (3) to five (5) business days from the date CDM initiates the transfer request. The actual timing of the transfer may depend on how quickly a Seller’s financial institution processes the request. The Transfer Date will fall on the next business day (Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays) if the scheduled Transfer Date falls on a non-business day. If a Member elects to change the frequency of disbursements, the following transfer will be initiated on the next business day if the Member selects daily disbursements, or on the next applicable Monday if the Member selects weekly, biweekly, or monthly disbursements. When a Member either initially provides or later changes his or her financial institution account information, the Member must wait at least five (5) calendar days to request a transfer into a bank account as a security precaution. The next scheduled transfer after a change to financial institution account information will occur on the next applicable Transfer Date after a period of five (5) calendar days from the date of the requested change.

      Holds and Delays: In some cases, transfers to Members’ financial institution accounts could be temporarily delayed by an issue at CDM, at CDM’s third-party service providers, or at a Members’ financial institution. We’ll do our best to communicate with the effected Members as soon as we can. If we believe that a Member’s actions may result in disputes or other claims, then we may, at our sole discretion, put a hold, or a transfer delay on a Member’s account balance. A hold may be put on funds associated with a particular transaction if there is a dispute or investigation related to the transaction, for the shorter of, 90 days after the estimated delivery date, or completion of any investigation regarding the Member’s actions. Transfer delays are defined as the number of days between a transaction and the day the net amount from the transaction is made available for transfer. A transfer delay may be between 0 and 90 days. If CDM places a hold or a transfer delay on a Member’s account, CDM will expedite communications with the affected Member as expeditiously as possible. CDM will always work hard to avoid and minimize delays. However, please note that CDM is not obligated to refund any fees or reimburse any expenses due to holds or delayed transfers.

      Abandoned Accounts: If CDM cannot settle funds into a Member’s financial institution account, the funds will remain in the Member’s CDM account. It is the Member’s sole responsibility to update their financial institution account information to receive the funds. If a Member fails to update the information to claim the funds within a certain period of time, CDM will escheat the funds to the relevant government authority in order to comply with escheatment laws.

    • Recompense

      We (CDM) reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to seek reimbursement from a Seller in any of the following circumstances:

      We provide a refund to a Buyer because a Seller did not promptly deliver the goods or we otherwise determine, consistent with CDM Buyer and Seller Rights and Responsibilities, that a refund is warranted in a particular circumstance;

      We discover erroneous or duplicate transactions related to a Seller;

      We receive a chargeback from a Buyer's credit card issuer or reversal of payment for the amount of a Buyer's purchase from a Seller;

      A Seller does not act in accordance with CDM’s Terms of Use or any policy therein. We may obtain reimbursement of any amounts owed by a Seller to CDM by deducting from future payments owed to the Seller, reversing any credits to the Seller’s membership account balance, charging the Seller's credit card on file, charging the Seller’s financial institution account, or seeking reimbursement from the Seller by any other lawful means, including by using third-party collections services. You authorize us to use any or all of the foregoing methods to seek reimbursement.

    • Payment Processing Fees


      CDM will only charge a processing fee (the 'Payment Processing Fee') when CDM is itself charged a fee for processing funds (such as the use of credit cards, any fees charged by the Seller’s Financial Institution, any currency conversion fees). The fee amount will be as close as possible to the actual amount paid by CDM. Payment Processing Fees will be reflected in your Members Account. CDM reserves the right to modify the Payment Processing Fee policy at any time. In the event of any partial or full refunds credited back to a Buyer, the Payment Processing Fee and other applicable fees will reflect as closely as possible actual costs incurred by CDM.

      Fee Amount

      Payment Processing Fees vary based upon the location of a Member’s Financial Institution. CDM will pass on to the Seller any and all processing fees incurred to effect a sale on behalf of a Seller. These fees will be as close as possible to the actual charges incurred by CDM.

      Currency Conversion for Sellers

      When a Seller lists and subsequently sells an item in a currency other than the currency of the Seller's payment account, CDM will settle the associated transaction proceeds in the currency of the Seller's payment account. When such a service is required, CDM will charge to the Seller any costs incurred in performing the service.

      Currency Considerations for Buyers

      In the case of a Buyer purchasing from a Seller who lists in a currency other than the Buyer's registered currency, CDM will automatically calculate the listing price in the Buyer's currency. When such a calculation is required, CDM will credit the Seller (and debit the Buyer) with the amount calculated (less fees) at the time of the sale.


      CDM may, as part of our business model, earn interest or other compensation from the balances in our bank accounts that result from the time interval between an item sale and its delivery.

    • Reporting Obligations

      US Internal Revenue Service regulations require that we file a Form 1099-K to report unadjusted annual gross sales information for Sellers located in the United States or being paid in USD that meet both of the following thresholds in a calendar year (reporting):

      More than $20,000 USD in gross sales, and

      More than 200 transactions.

      To comply with these regulations, Sellers who approach 170 (one hundred and seventy) transactions in a calendar year, regardless of sales volume (and combined across their identities), will be required to provide taxpayer-identification information to CDM.

    • Termination

      Members may terminate this contract at any time by adjusting the Settings in their account with CDM. CDM may also terminate or suspend a Member’s use of CDM at any time. Upon termination, any non-disputed financial balance will be available to a Member to disburse as they wish. CDM reserves the right, upon termination of access to CDM services, to set off against any payments to be made to the Member, an amount determined by us to be adequate to cover any anticipated chargebacks, refunds or necessary adjustments with respect to transactions in dispute, for a 120-day period. At the end of the 120-day period following termination, we will disburse to the Member any amount not used to offset chargebacks, refunds, adjustments, or such other amounts, or seek reimbursement from the Member via any of the means authorized in this Policy for any additional amount required to offset chargebacks, refunds, adjustments, or other amounts paid, as applicable.

  3. CDM Privacy Policy

    At CDM, we recognize that privacy is your right. Additionally, we believe that you have the right to expect that we will do everything in our power to protect your private data in as secure an environment as possible.

    This policy explains our privacy practices for all CDM web sites, mobile Apps, other CDM services and the $ecure-$ale system.

    Information Control
    Preference & Management
    Search Capability
    Messages from CDM
    Data Uses & Disclosure
    Data Transfers
    Rightful Processes
    Data Retention
    Member Rights
    Withdrawing Consent
    Privacy & Policy Changes
    Contact CDM

    We need to process your personal data to run our business and provide you with our services. By accepting our Terms of Use, you are confirming that you have read this policy and consent to us using your information in the ways we describe. If you don’t want us to collect or process your personal information in the ways described in this policy, you should consider not using our services. CDM’s Terms of Use require all account owners or account managers to be of legal age in their country of residence. By using our services, you authorize CDM to use your information in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and any other country where CDM operates.


    This section is an overview only. CDM’s full Privacy Policy follows after.

    To use our services, you will need to provide a valid email address, photograph, banking information, a telephone number, an address, etc. Dependent upon the level of verification you choose, we may collect additional information; for example, information in social media accounts and in credit reporting records. We may also collect information about your use of our services to help deliver content, for advertising, for analytics, including your geographical information, IP address, browser information and device information.

    The name associated with your CDM account is publicly displayed and connected to your CDM activity. You may review and change that name through your account settings. Other people may see the date you joined CDM, ratings, reviews and related photos for items you sold, your profile information, items you listed for sale, your listing pages and the number of items sold, etc. At your option, you can choose to provide and publicly display your full name and other personal information.

    We use technologies such as cookies, clear gifs, and log files for several purposes, including to help understand how you interact with our web sites and our services, in order to provide a better experience and for marketing and advertising. The Apps may include third-party mobile analytical services used for similar purposes.

    CDM makes use of cookies and similar devices for analytics to help provide our services, to track your movements around our web/mobile pages and to gather vital and social statistics about our members. You can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level, but if you choose to disable cookies, it may limit your use of certain features or functions on our web/mobile pages or through our services.

    Uses and Sharing: CDM uses the information that we gather from both Buyers and Sellers in many ways. For example, if you Buy an item, we’ll share your shipping information with the Seller, we use your email address etc to communicate with you and to forward messages from other CDM members.

    CDM will not sell or disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent, except as specified in our Privacy Policy.

    Choices: You may review and change your information in your account settings and you may remove certain optional pieces of information, however, be aware that certain data is required to keep higher levels of verification, i.e.: Gold level verification requires consent to access your credit score. You may also control the receipt of certain types of communications from CDM in your account settings. Additionally, you are able to limit certain tracking by disabling cookies in your web browser. Also, you may opt-out of personalized advertising on a mobile device by selecting the “Limit Ad Tracking” option in the settings.

    Information Control

    In order to use our services for buying and selling items and to enjoy the security of the CDM $ecure-$ale system, at a minimum, you need to provide us with a valid email address, your legal name, shipping address, telephone number and banking details associated with your account and any other details that you choose to represent you on CDM. We DO NOT STORE the banking and credit card information necessary for billing and payment purposes; when registering for CDM your financial data is passed directly to the banking & credit card processing institution who provide an encrypted token for us to use when crediting or debiting any of your accounts. Occasionally, CDM will contact members to request more information about their items listed on CDM, or to guarantee observance of our rules and applicable law.

    The name associated with your account, which you may review and change in your account settings, is publicly displayed and connected to your CDM activity. The public will see the date you joined, reviews, ratings, profile information, items listed for sale, sold item listings and reviews by Buyers and others.

    CDM automatically receives and records information from your browser or your mobile device when you visit our site or use the Apps, such as your IP address or unique device identifier, cookies and data about which pages you visit. This is to allow us to operate and provide our services. This information is collected automatically and is partially used to prevent fraud and improve security.

    We automatically collect device-specific information when you install, access, or use our services. This information may include information such as the hardware model, operating system information, app version, browser information, IP address, and device identifiers. When you use the Apps, you may choose to share your geo-location details with CDM in order to use our location-based services. You may choose to publish your location when you sell on CDM. We may also determine location by using other data from your device, such as precise location information from GPS, information about wireless networks or cell towers near your mobile device, information you provide in your profile, or your IP address. We may use and store information about your location to provide features and to improve and customize our services, for example, with more relevant content, ads, and recommendations. If you have consented to share your device location details but would no longer like to continue sharing that information with us, you may revoke your consent to the sharing of that information through the settings on the Apps or on your mobile device. If you have consented to the collection of your location-based information, we use that information in order to understand, customize, and improve our services, including for marketing and advertising. We will only share your geo-location details with third parties (like our mapping or advertising providers) in order to provide you with our services. You may also choose to enable the Apps to access your mobile device’s camera to upload photographs to CDM.

    We use mobile analytics software to allow us to understand the functionality of the Apps on your phone. This software may record information such as how often you use the Apps, what happens within the Apps, aggregated usage, performance data, and where the Apps were downloaded from. We do not link the information we store within the analytics software to any personally identifiable information that you submit within the mobile application.

    Some members or visitors may choose to connect to CDM or open a CDM account using an external third-party application, such as Facebook. CDM may receive data from those connected third-party applications. Connecting your CDM account to third-party applications or services is optional. If you choose to connect your account to a third-party application, CDM may receive information from that application. We may use that information as part of providing our services to you. You can also choose to share some of your activity on CDM on certain social media networks which are connected to your CDM account, and you can revoke your permission anytime in your account settings.

    We also collect certain information from both members and non-members who visit our websites. This information may include your IP address or unique device identifier, and cookies and data from the pages you visit.

    Preference & Management

    CDM gives you the choice of providing, editing or removing certain information, as well as preferences about how we contact you. You may edit your CDM account information through your account settings.

    CDM may send you messages about our services or your activity. Some of these messages are mandatory, such as legal notices. Other messages are not mandatory, such as newsletters. You can control which optional messages you receive by changing your account settings.

    If you have chosen to connect your account to an external third-party application, such as Facebook, you can change your settings and remove permission for the app by changing your account settings.

    Search Capability

    You may choose to connect directly with your email service provider, your mobile device’s address book, or a social network account to import your contacts to CDM. We do not retain the login information for your email service, mobile device, or social network site. You may be able to search for people you know by email address or phone number on the Site or by connecting to your mobile device’s contact list through the Apps. Finding your friends on CDM helps you connect with them on our platform. For example, you can follow another member’s public activity, such as public Favourites. When you begin following another member’s activity, they will receive an email notification (if the member has consented to receiving this type of email). If you do not want your contacts to be able to find you on CDM through your email address, phone number, or social networking connections, then you may opt out through your account settings. If you do not wish to be located on CDM via your full name, you can remove your full name and instead may use a nickname or alias as your name in your public account information.

    Messages from CDM

    On occasion, CDM may need to contact you. Primarily, these messages are delivered by email and every account is required to keep a valid email address on file to receive messages. CDM may need to contact you by telephone to provide member support or for transaction-related purposes if you give us permission to call you. Additionally, and with your consent, CDM may send you an SMS (or similar) message or physical mail in order to provide you with customer support. You may update your contact preferences in your account settings. Some messages from CDM are service-related and necessary for members. You agree that CDM can send you non-marketing emails or messages, such as those related to transactions, your account, security, or item changes. Examples of service-related messages include an email address confirmation/welcome email when you register your account, notification of an order, modification of key features or functions, and correspondence with CDM’s support team. When you register for an account, or provide us with your email address so as to browse our sites, you agree to receive marketing emails and messages from us. You can unsubscribe at any time from marketing emails through the opt-out link included in marketing emails or messages. Members may also control some marketing emails or messages through their account settings as well as through the opt-out link included in marketing emails or messages.

    A contact-importer feature is available. If someone in your contact list is not already a member, you may invite them to join CDM and an email will be sent to them on your behalf. Recipients of email invitations may opt out of receiving future invitations by following instructions in the email invitation message. You may send an invitation only to someone who has given you consent to receive one.


    CDM and its Services are a commonwealth. We have facilities that allow members to connect and communicate with each other. You don't have to use these facilities, but if you do, do so sensibly when sharing your personal information with others through our services. Be aware that any personal information that you choose to submit there might be read, collected, or used by others, or could be used to send unsolicited messages to you. CDM generally does not remove content from these facilities and your posts may remain public after your account is closed. You are responsible for the personal information that you choose to post in these spaces through our services. Another CDM member may follow your public activity on the Site to receive updates, such as when you add an item to your public Wish List. You may choose to make certain activities private through your account settings. After a member has begun following your activity, you have the option to block that member if you do not wish to share your updates with that specific person.

    Data Uses & Disclosure

    We respect your privacy. CDM will not disclose your name, email address or other personal information to third parties without your consent, except as specified in this policy. It is necessary for us to process your personal information in order to provide CDM services to you. This is all in accordance with the Terms of Use contract between you and CDM. We use your information for identification and authentication, for billing and payments, for targeted online and offline marketing, to contact members or interested parties, to provide and improve our services and for general research. For example, we may learn the sorts of items that you’re interested in from your browsing and purchasing behavior and suggest potential purchases as a result. Similarly, we or our sellers may advertise our Services or our sellers’ items through a variety of different mediums. As part of this, we may work with advertising partners.

    As part of the buying and selling process, CDM will facilitate the sharing of information between the two members involved in the transaction, such as the other CDM member's shipping address. By making a sale or a purchase on CDM, you are asking us to share your information in this way. We expect you to respect the privacy of the member whose information you have received. As described in CDM's Terms of Use, you have a limited license to use that information only for CDM related interactions or for CDM facilitated transactions. CDM has not granted a license to you to use the information for unsolicited commercial messages or non-CDM transactions. Without express consent from that person, you must not add any CDM member to your email or physical mailing list or otherwise use or store any member’s personal information. You must comply with all relevant legal rules when you use our services. This includes applicable data protection and privacy laws which govern the ways in which you can use another CDM member’s information. Such laws may require that you post, and comply with, your own privacy policy, which must be accessible to CDM members you interact with and compatible with this policy and CDM’s Terms of Use.

    CDM may release your personal information to a third party in the following limited circumstances: in response to lawful requests by public authorities, including to meet legitimate national security or law enforcement requirements; to protect, establish, or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims, including to collect a debt; to comply with a subpoena, court order, legal process, or other legal requirement; or when we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to comply with the law, prevent imminent physical harm or financial loss, or investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, threats to our property, or violations of CDM's Terms of Use. If CDM receives a lawful, verified request for a member’s records or information in one of the limited circumstances described in the previous paragraph, CDM may disclose personal information, which may include, but may not be limited to, a member’s name, address, phone number, email address, and company name. Find out more about how CDM responds to requests for records or information about members of CDM’s community in our Requests for Information Policy and our Intellectual Property Policy. CDM is affiliated with a variety of charities and businesses and works closely with them for a variety of purposes, including assisting us to perform and improve our services. With your consent, these charities or businesses may provide information about themselves or offer promotions (including email promotions) or sell items or services to you through our services. CDM may also provide services or sell items jointly with affiliated businesses. When an affiliated business assists in facilitating your transaction, we may need to share information related to the transaction with that affiliated business in order to make possible your transaction. CDM may share demographic information with business partners, but it will always be aggregated and de-personalized, so that personally identifiable information is not revealed. CDM also needs to engage third-party companies and individuals (such as payment processors, research companies, analytics companies and security providers) to help us operate and provide our services. These third parties have only limited access to your information, may use your information only to perform these tasks on our behalf, and are obligated to CDM not to disclose or use your information for other purposes. In some cases, CDM may choose to buy or sell assets. Such transactions may be necessary and in our legitimate interests. In these types of transactions (such as a sale, merger, liquidation, receivership, or transfer of all or substantially all of CDM’s assets), member information is typically one of the business assets that is transferred. If CDM intends to transfer information about you, CDM will notify you by email or by putting a prominent notice on the Site and the App, and you will be afforded an opportunity to opt out before information about you becomes subject to a different privacy policy. With respect to third party sites or services, please be aware that when you use third-party sites or services, their own terms and privacy policies will govern your use of those sites or services. While CDM may provide you with access to these third-party technologies, CDM does not have control over the actual functionality of these third-party technologies, and they are subject to that third party's privacy policy and not CDM's Privacy Policy. If you prefer to prevent third parties from setting and accessing cookies on your computer, you may set your browser to block cookies. On an iOS or Android device, you can restrict interest-based advertising by selecting “Limit Ad Tracking” in the iOS settings or Android settings of each respective type of device. Note that while this limits interest-based advertising, it does not prevent you from receiving advertising at all.

    Data Transfers

    The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, European Economic Area (“EEA”) Member States, and other countries all have different laws. When your data is moved from your home country to another country, the laws and rules that protect your personal information in the country to which your information is transferred may be different from those in the country in which you live. For example, the circumstances in which law enforcement can access personal information may vary from country to country. In particular, if your data is in the US, it may be accessed by government authorities in accordance with US law.

    If you elect to become a CDM member, you do so voluntarily. You choose whether or not you want to use our services. However, if you want to use our services, you need to agree to our Terms of Use, which sets out the contract between CDM and its members. As we operate in countries worldwide (including in Canada and the US) and use technical infrastructure in Canada and the US to deliver our services to you, in accordance with the contract between us, we need to transfer your personal information to Canada and the US and to other jurisdictions as necessary to provide our services.


    When signing up to use our services, you must consent to the transfer of your personal data out of your country, including to Canada and the US and other jurisdictions, to provide you with our services and generally to process your information in accordance with this policy. It would be impracticable for us to provide our services to you if you did not consent to the foregoing.

    Rightful Processes

    CDM relies on several rightful processes in using and sharing your personal information.
    These processes include but are not limited to:
    Improving and customizing our services;
    Understanding how our services are being used;
    Exploring ways to develop our business;
    Obtaining insights into usage patterns of our services;
    Ensuring the safety and security of our services; and
    Enhancing our members’ protection against security risks.


    The security of your personal information is important to us. We follow industry standards, or better, to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and afterwards. Your account information is protected by a password and your trading ability is protected by another different password. It is important that you protect against unauthorized access to your account and information by choosing your passwords carefully and by keeping them and your computer secure, such as by signing out after using our services. If you have any questions about the security of your personal information, you can contact us at CDM encrypts all your private information, such as credit card numbers, banking information, SS and SIN numbers, addresses, telephone numbers etc, etc. CDM follows advanced industry standards, (including Secure Sockets Layer) to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and after it is received.

    Data Retention

    CDM will retain your information only for as long as is necessary for the purposes set out in this policy, for as long as your account is active (i.e.: for the lifetime of your CDM member account), or as needed to provide our services to you. If you no longer want CDM to use your information to provide our services to you, you may close your account. CDM will retain and use your information to the extent necessary to comply with our legal obligations (for example, if we are required to retain your information to comply with applicable tax/revenue laws), resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements. In addition, CDM Sellers may also be required to retain and use your information in order to comply with their legal obligations. Please note that closing your account may not free up your email address, username etc. for reuse on a new account. We also retain activity files for internal analysis purposes. These activity files are generally retained for a brief period of time, except in cases where they are used for site safety and security, to improve site functionality, or we are legally obligated to retain them for longer time periods.

    Member Rights

    If you would like to manage, change, limit, or delete your personal information, you can do so via your CDM account settings. Upon request, CDM will provide you with information about whether we hold any of your personal information. By visiting your account settings, you can access, correct, change, and delete certain personal information associated with your account. In certain cases where we process your information, you may also have a right to restrict or limit the ways in which we use your personal information. In certain circumstances, you also have the right to object to the processing of your personal information, to request the deletion of your personal information, and to obtain a copy of your personal information in an easily accessible format. If you need further assistance, you can contact CDM through one of the channels listed below under “Contact Count-Down Marketplace.” We will respond to your request within a reasonable timeframe.

    Withdrawing Consent

    You have the right to withdraw your consent to our processing of your information and your use of our services. You can do this at any time by closing your account through your account settings and then emailing to request that your personal information be deleted.

    If you withdraw your consent to the use or sharing of your personal information for the purposes set out in this policy, you may not have access to any of our services and we may not be able to provide you any of our services. Please note that, in certain cases, we may continue to process your information after you have withdrawn consent and requested that we delete your information, if we have a legal basis to do so. For example, we may retain certain information if we need to do so to comply with an independent legal obligation, or if it is necessary to do so to pursue our legitimate interest in keeping our services safe and secure.

    Privacy & Policy Changes

    We may amend or update this policy from time to time. If we believe that the changes are material, we’ll let you know by sending you an email or message about the changes. We will also give you the opportunity to consent to these changes. That way you can decide whether you want to continue using our services. Changes will be effective upon the posting of the changes and your acceptance of the changes, which may be through your continued use of our services after the changes take effect.

    Contact CDM

    If you have questions or suggestions about personal information you can contact CDM’s Support team by sending an email to this will not prejudice any rights you may have.

  4. Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Policy.

    CDM brings together verified Buyers and Sellers from all over the world (all CDM members are vetted and verified) to trade in a safe and reliable place. CDM is a global market place where people of all interests, religions, ethnicity and backgrounds motivate each other and build relationships, through buying and selling goods. We want everyone using to feel safe. This policy explains the kind of behavior we prohibit on CDM to make sure that we all have a satisfying experience.

    This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By using CDM, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

    On CDM, you can't discriminate based upon a person’s: Race, Color, Ethnicity, National origin, Religion, Gender, Gender identity, Sexual orientation, Disability or any other characteristic protected under applicable law.

    It is your responsibility as a CDM Member to know your local laws and any other legal regulations regarding discrimination that might apply to you. Whether you’re buying, listing items for sale or using other CDM services, discrimination or harassment is not allowed.

    Examples of prohibited behavior on CDM include, but are not limited to:

    Refusal of service based on membership in one or more protected group.
    Derogatory or demeaning remarks against protected groups listed above.
    Racial slurs.
    Postings etc that support or glorify current or historical hate groups.

    If you think discrimination has occurred on CDM, please report it by e-mailing and we will investigate. If you see a listing on CDM which you believe violates our Prohibited Items Policy, we encourage you to flag the item by using the Report This Item link.

  5. CDM Social Policy.

    Fellowship is the essence of the CDM culture. CDM members are encouraged to motivate each other, share knowledge, discuss ideas, and build relationships.

    This policy is a part of our Terms of Use. By using any of CDM’s features, you’re agreeing to this policy and our Terms of Use.

    Members who use any of the CDM features must be of legal age in their country of residence. In addition, to ensure that CDM is a place that’s safe and respectful, you agree to comply with the following policies in all your actions:

    Respect other members’ privacy. Don't share private or personally identifying information in public areas of the site.
    Don't spam.
    Be honest and transparent about who you are.
    Don't use a fake identity.
    Be respectful towards other members.
    Don't use CDM to publicly ridicule a specific member, Seller, Buyer or item.
    Don't use CDM features to interfere with another member’s business.
    Don’t coordinate pricing with other Sellers.
    Don't use CDM to harass other members. Similarly, don't support, or glorify hatred.
    Don't publish or post threats of violence against others or promote or encourage others to engage in violence or illegal activity.
    Don’t engage in activity that infringes someone's intellectual property, or encourage others to engage in that type of activity.
    You may lose your privileges if you violate any CDM policies.

  6. Sanctions Policy.

    CDM provides a direct connection between Buyers and Sellers around the world. When you use CDM’s websites, our mobile apps and other services, (we will refer to them as our “Services”), you are responsible for complying with this policy, regardless of your location. This policy is a part of our Terms of Use.

    By using any of our Services, you agree to this policy and our Terms of Use.

    As a global company based in Canada with operations in other countries, CDM must comply with economic sanctions and trade restrictions, including those implemented by the Office of the Superintendant of Financial Institutions (“OSFI)” and, where appropriate, the US Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") of the US Department of the Treasury.

    This means that CDM or anyone using our Services can't take part in transactions that involve designated people, places, or items that originate from those places, as determined by agencies like OSFI and OFAC.

    This policy applies to anyone that makes use of our Services, regardless of their location. It is up to you to familiarize yourself with these restrictions. For example, these restrictions generally prohibit, but are not limited to, transactions involving:

    Certain geographic areas, such as Crimea, Iran, North Korea and Syria, or any individual or entity operating or residing in those, or similarly listed places;

    Individuals or entities identified on OSFI and OFAC sanctions lists; and Items originating from areas noted above, with the exception of informational materials such as publications, films, posters, phonograph records, photographs, tapes, compact disks, and certain artworks.

    In order to protect our community and marketplace, CDM takes steps to ensure compliance with sanctions programs. For example, CDM prohibits members from using their accounts while in certain geographic locations. If we have reason to believe you are operating your account from a sanctioned location, such as any of the places listed above, or are otherwise in violation of any economic sanction or trade restriction, we may suspend or terminate your use of our Services. Members are generally not permitted to list, buy, or sell items that originate from sanctioned areas. This includes items that pre-date sanctions, since we have no way to verify when they were actually removed from the restricted location. CDM reserves the right to request that Sellers provide additional information, disclose an item's country of origin in a listing, or take other steps to meet compliance obligations. We may disable listings or cancel transactions that present a risk of violating this policy.

    In addition to complying with OSFI and OFAC and applicable local laws, CDM members should be aware that other countries may have their own trade restrictions and that certain items may not be allowed for export or import under international laws. You should consult the laws of any jurisdiction when a transaction involves international parties.

    Finally, CDM members should be aware that third-party financial institutions may independently monitor transactions for sanctions compliance and may block transactions as part of their own compliance programs. CDM has no authority or control over the independent decision-making of these providers.

    The economic sanctions and trade restrictions that apply to your use of the Services are subject to change, so members should check sanctions resources regularly. For legal advice, please consult a qualified professional.

    Resources: US Department of the Treasury; US Department of Commerce; US Department of State; European Commission; Government of Canada.

    Last updated on 04 April 2019

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