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To reduce the risk and stress of Buying from, or Selling to, any individual or company, whether they are located near to you or in another country. Count-Down transactions are managed by our $ecure-$ale process.

How it works

$ecure-$ale works as follows:

When an item sells, the Buyer’s money is instantly transferred by Count-Down into our Secure-Sale trust account and a confirming message is sent to the Seller advising them to release or ship the item to the Buyer. When the item's receipt and satisfactory condition is confirmed to Count-Down by the Buyer, the money due to the Seller is released to them.

Important Points

The money flow for all sales on Count-Down is managed by $ecure-$ale  There are no exceptions to this.

If a Buyer’s money is not immediately available from either their primary or secondary source, the sale is VOID and the count down clock will promptly continue for other potential Buyers; this process is very fast. On expensive items that specify a deposit and time to pay the balance, only the deposit money is required immediately to secure the sale and mark the item as sold.

If the balance of the money fails to become available in the specified time, the sale becomes void and the Buyer will forfeit the deposit.

If the Buyer’s receipt of their item is confirmed electronically by a courier, shipper, postal service etc, there is only a short time for the Buyer to acknowledge receipt and item condition before automatic release of funds will be made to the Seller. This is typically 12 hours. Buyer’s are encouraged to expeditiously approve release of the money to the Seller in the spirit of good trading.

Only when $ecure-$ale   releases the Buyer’s money to the Seller does the ownership of the item transfer from the Seller to the Buyer.

$ecure-$ale   will adjust all money transfers for commissions due to Count-Down. To be clear; a Seller will receive the sale price minus the 3% Seller’s commission and a Buyer will pay the sale price plus the 2% Buyer’s commission. Please note that maximum commissions are $250.00

If a Buyer receives an item from a Seller that is NOT as described in its Count-Down listing and this is confirmed by Count-Down as unreasonable trading practice, then the Seller is liable for all shipping costs and will pay a penalty of 5% of the sale price, additionally, the rating of the Seller will be reduced.

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