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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Count-Down Marketplace (CDM) Difference

We built Count-Down Marketplace for the sole purpose of giving Buyer’s & Seller’s a safe, secure, affordable and entertaining marketplace experience. What could be more fun than seeing the prices of an item you want, steadily ticking down. Go ahead, MAKE IT MINE!

How Does CDM Work?

Count-Down Marketplace (CDM) is similar to other online marketplaces, with the primary differences being that:

  1. All Buyers and Sellers are verified,

  2. Commissions are low,

  3. Money is handled by CDM’s $ecure-$ale,

  4. The price of items for sale ticks down on the Count-Down clock after the item’s time in the Showcase expires. The Seller chooses how long the item stays in the Showcase before going on the Count-Down clock. The Seller also chooses if they want a Reserve Price which would limit how low the price will go down if there is no Buyer for the item.

What are the CDM Individual Memberships?

In order to buy or sell, users must have a minimum of a silver membership and go through identity verification. This gives everyone on the CDM platform security and peace of mind knowing that their transactions will be a safe and fun experience.

Count-Down Marketplace offers individuals three levels of membership with two free levels (Bronze and Silver) and one paid membership (Gold).

In order to actively buy or sell on CDM, you must have a Silver or Gold membership, thereby assuring the community at CDM that your identity has been verified.

Gold Membership shows you’re a serious Seller or a serious Buyer. In order to upgrade to a Gold Membership, additional verification includes a soft credit inquiry. This inquiry will not affect your credit score and is done for identity verification purposes only.

What are the CDM Business Memberships?

Business memberships are the same as Individual memberships (i.e. Silver and Gold), however, the person having financial responsibility for the business is identified and verified. Additionally, the business Government identification numbers, address, phone number etc are also verified.

What is the $ecure-$ale process?

To reduce the risk and stress of Buying from, or Selling to, any individual or business, whether they are located near to you or in another country, Count-Down transactions are managed by our unique $ecure-$ale process. This is very similar to an escrow process.

$ecure-$ale works as follows: When an item sells, the Buyer’s money is instantly transferred by Count-Down into our $ecure-$ale trust account and a confirming message is sent to the Seller advising them to release or ship the item to the Buyer. When the item's receipt and satisfactory condition is confirmed to Count-Down by the Buyer, the money due to the Seller is released to them.

Important points:


If a Buyer’s money is not immediately available from either their primary or secondary source, the sale is VOID and the count-down clock will promptly continue for other potential Buyers; this process is very fast. On expensive items that specify a deposit and time to pay the balance, only the deposit money is required immediately to secure the sale and mark the item as sold.

If the balance of the money fails to become available in the specified time, the sale becomes void and the Buyer will forfeit the deposit.

If the Buyer’s receipt of their item is confirmed electronically by a courier, shipper, postal service etc., there is only a short time for the Buyer to acknowledge receipt and item condition before automatic release of funds will be made to the Seller. This is typically 12 hours. Buyers are encouraged to expeditiously approve release of the money to the Seller in the spirit of good trading.

Only when $ecure-$ale releases the Buyer’s money to the Seller does the ownership of the item transfer from the Seller to the Buyer.

$ecure-$ale will adjust all money transfers for commissions due to Count-Down. To be clear; a Seller will receive the sale price minus the 3% Seller’s commission and a Buyer will pay the sale price plus the 2% Buyer’s commission. Please note that maximum commissions are $250.00

If a Buyer receives an item from a Seller that is NOT as described in its Count-Down listing and this is confirmed by Count-Down as unreasonable trading practice, then the Seller is liable for all shipping costs and will pay a penalty of 5% of the sale price, additionally, the rating of the Seller will be reduced.

What are the CDM Commission Fees?

Commission Fees are very low:

  • Seller's Fee = 3% of the selling price to a maximum of $250;
  • Buyer's Fee = 2% of the selling price to a maximum of $250;
  • Reserve Not Sold Fee = 0.5% to a maximum of $250. If the item sells, this fee is refunded.

Commission Details

When an item sells, CDM withdraws money from the Buyers Credit Card account amounting to 102% of the sale price, (see explanation of maximum fees). These funds are held by the CDM $ecure-$ale system until delivery and condition are acknowledged by the Buyer as good. After the Buyer confirms delivery and condition, CDM credits the Seller’s CDM internal account with 97% of the sale price, unless there was a Reserve price set, then the credit is increased by the amount deducted at the time of listing, as CDM has already charged 0.5% of the Reserve price at that time, see below.

Note that there are limits to the fees charged of a maximum $250 in all 3 normal cases (Selling, Buying and Reserve). When an item is listed with a reserve price, the Seller is charged 0.5% of the reserve price (to a maximum of $250) at the time when the listing is set. If the item sells, CDM credits the fee back to the Seller.

Cancellation Fee: The Seller may cancel a listing without penalty within 60 minutes from making the listing. After 60 minutes, if the listing is cancelled, a fee of 5% of the listing price (to a maximum of $500) is charged. If funds are not available for this fee, the Seller’s membership is suspended until the fee is paid. Seller’s transactions through Credit Cards or VISA debit cards will be charged a merchant fee of 3.5% of each transaction amount. Seller transactions where a Buyer uses their CDM credits for their purchase will not be charged this fee.

How are Disputes handled?

Unlike other marketplaces online, disputes are handled by our customer service team on a personal one-on-one basis. We work with both Buyers and Sellers to find an amicable solution to the problem without the hassle of a long, drawn out dispute process.

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